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Unarmed Security Guards: What You Need to Know

Nov 23

Austin, TX is a city with many things to do and see. It has been called the live music capital of the world, and there are more than 200 restaurants in Austin. The city also has a strong economy, which means that it's an attractive place to live for both people who work here and those who commute from other parts of Texas or even neighboring states. As this vibrant metropolis continues to grow, so does its need for security guards - especially unarmed security guards. Read on to learn more about what you should know if you're considering an unarmed security guard position in Austin!

What are unarmed security guards?

Austin unarmed security guards are security professionals who are not armed with lethal force. Because of this, they play a different role than armed security guards. While unarmed security officers also patrol the premises and deter crime, their primary task is to report suspicious activity or crimes in progress directly to law enforcement authorities. These individuals use tools like direct eye contact, following around people that seem out of place, having strong vocal skills to scare away criminals, reporting any violations/crimes that happen on-site (including theft), and acting as an extra set of eyes for police by monitoring video surveillance feeds.

Why do some people use them instead of armed guards?

Some people prefer Austin Unarmed officers Services because there is less risk involved in the hiring process. Some companies believe that armed security guards are more likely to act violently, leading to lawsuits and other legal problems.

How much does an unarmed guard cost?

The cost of a security guard from our Austin security services will depend on the level of service you need and how much experience they have. If you are looking for a security guard company with the experience and resources to deal with any threat, prices will be higher. On the other hand, plenty of companies work only in essential unarmed protection services; these would not cost as much to hire. You should expect to pay around $25 - $55 per hour for an average armed officer working Monday through Friday during regular business hours. A typical eight-hour shift is usually spent at about one hundred dollars or less when considering travel time between assignments and waiting periods before beginning each assignment.

Pros and cons of using an unarmed guard.

Unarmed security guards in Austin tend to be more affordable than armed officers. People who live in neighborhoods that prohibit firearms for personal use may prefer to hire unarmed guards. An unarmed officer is not as well trained or equipped with the proper gear as someone who carries a firearm.


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