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Common Concerns During Home Renovations and How to Plan

Feb 5
Renovations may be just as exciting and satisfying as building a new bespoke home from scratch. You may have lived in a house for a long time and decided it's time for a change, or you may have acquired an older property that needs maintenance before it can be called a dream home. St. Louis kitchen remodeling allows you to tailor any space to your exact specifications. There is something wonderful about transforming what is present into what is possible, yet the journey to a beautifully renovated house is rarely straightforward. The passage of time can be tough on homes, and it is not uncommon to uncover previously undisclosed concerns hiding behind the old wallpaper during restorations.
Despite the fact that hidden problems might develop throughout every home improvement project, they should never prevent you from realizing your vision for your home. We've spent decades in the construction and repair industry, so we've seen a lot. We understand what may go wrong and what must be done to correct it. Knowing what to look for and what to anticipate with regard to typical remodeling issues is half the fight. Therefore, we will cover the most frequent issues we encounter, how they might impact a remodeling job, and what should be done about them immediately.

Water Injuries

Water damage is a significant but all-too-common issue for homeowners, and it is the cause of several renovation issues. It may start with a roof leak that is not found until the water has penetrated the ceiling. Faulty plumbing, such as a broken or leaky pipe, can also cause water damage. It's deceiving. It's likely that you won't even detect a leak until the walls are opened up for remodeling. Water damage may be disastrous, with flooding being the most common cause.

Foundational Fracturing and Other Issues

During a renovation, discovering a foundation crack is one of the worst things that can happen to a homeowner. Cracks in the walls and floors, gaps at the edges of rooms, and jammed doors and windows are all evidence that the problem is there. Occasionally, the problem is detected when working on the site. Not all foundations can endure the test of time: the cement used in older homes might disintegrate with time.
If foundation cracks are noticed, a structural engineer will need to evaluate the house to identify the degree of the problem and offer a remedy. Your contractor may have many options for repairing the damage. In certain instances, steel bracing fastened to the house may be sufficient to stabilize the foundation. In some circumstances, helical screws or concrete piers may be necessary to support the foundation. In the worst-case situation, it may be essential to install an entirely new foundation.
When constructing new homes, we deploy structural foundations to increase their potential lifespans and ensure their safety and durability. Special void boxes (also known as void forms) are placed before pouring the slab. The void boxes safeguard the curing concrete, therefore strengthening the foundation. They also allow the foundation to expand and move without breaking.

Hazardous Materials

There are valid reasons why "they don't produce things as they used to." During the remodeling, old, harmful materials may be unearthed and must be dealt with. These hazardous substances must be handled and disposed of in a specified manner. In many instances, licensed remediators and specialist contractors may be necessary to guarantee that these issues are addressed safely and successfully, despite the fact that local regulations differ.
Lead poisoning is a significant health risk that is commonly discovered in older house renovations. It's sometimes found in ancient plumbing pipes and interior or exterior paint treatments.
Asbestos can be discovered behind walls, in the basement, ceiling, and attic. In certain cases, it is best to leave it alone and confined. In some instances, it will require expert removal.
Plumbing and electrical work that does not meet code requirements

Bad Renovation Work in Layers

It's not usually the case that you're the first individual to try rebuilding or remodeling a property. Multiple generations of homeowners who perform substandard renovations might leave a legacy of costly difficulties. It's conceivable that as your renovation develops, you'll find an archaeological excavation full of mediocre work. Prior to beginning any new work, it may be necessary to demolish a substandard addition, uneven woodwork, and previous mistakes made by inexperienced handymen or contractors, or you risk ruining the final finish and conclusion.


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