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IBC Tote Mixer

Dec 16

Ibc anti-contamination mixer is a vital part of many industrial applications. Often, ingredients that are stored in intermediate bulk containers (IBC) totes need to be mixed before being used on the production line. IBC tote mixers are a great option for this type of application as they are designed to easily and quickly mix liquids in the tote tanks. IBC tank mixers are available in a variety of sizes, shapes and speeds. They work with a wide range of liquid viscosities, including water-like and chemical solutions.

A popular choice for IBC tote blending is the deluxe toggle clamp bracket mixer. This model has a welded frame design that clamps directly to the sides of the IBC tote. It has a lifting eye that can be attached to an optional fork lift channel if needed. A tote cover mixer can also be attached to the lid of an IBC tote if extra rigidity is needed.

Other tote mixer options include a folding IBC tote agitator and an air-powered IBC tote agitator. Both models are sanitary and food-grade and can be used with various liquid food products. They can mix and agitate IBC tote liquids quickly without oxidizing them with the use of large flat air mixing bubbles. They can even resuspend and disperse heavier solids that have settled out of the IBC tote tanks during transportation and storage.

The patented IBC tote mixer from IBC Mixer uses an innovative method for agitating and mixing liquids in plastic transportable tote tanks. The tote agitator fits through the standard 6" IBC tote lid bung opening and mixes contents with a folding impeller. Once inserted the tote mixer blade folds down and then unfolds inside the tote to create large mixing bubbles that agitate, blend and mix liquids in IBC tote tanks more effectively than traditional mechanical or impeller-type IBC agitators.

Ibc anti-contamination mixer work well for blending light viscous liquids, re-suspending and re-dispersing heavy solids that have settled out of the IBC tanks during shipping and storage, and dispersing powders. These industrial agitators are very lightweight and can be moved from one IBC tote to another in minutes. They are easy to use and can be made to meet Part 11 FAC 21 regulations for the handling of regulated substances.

Whether you are working with chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or other farm chemicals, it's important to keep your liquid ingredients mixed throughout the entire IBC tote volume. This can prevent product degradation and promote consistency. It can also reduce the amount of labor and materials that are required for transferring the product to other processing equipment. This can save you money on materials, labor and energy. Using an IBC tote mixer can help you avoid waste and save money in the long run by keeping your ingredients in the same container, rather than having to transfer them out of a tote into smaller containers or gallons for further processing. If you are considering purchasing an IBC tote mixer, contact a trusted industry specialist like White Mountain Process for more information and pricing on these powerful, portable mixers.