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The Importance of an IBC Tote Mixer

Mar 23

IBC Tote Mixer

Many industries utilize IBC totes, and the agricultural industry is no exception. Large-scale farming requires fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides to be mixed in an even and consistent manner. Without this, chemicals would sit for weeks and months before they are even used. This is why an IBC tote mixer can make such a big difference in your operation.

IBC tote mixers in Digital Drive Modes are a great way to save time and effort when mixing agricultural chemicals. They eliminate the need to transfer the chemical from a tote to another container for mixing, and they also help to ensure that the chemical is evenly mixed in every corner of the IBC. By using innovative patented blade technology, these IBC tote mixers are able to provide an even mix in less time and with fewer parts. This means that you will spend less money on maintenance and repair, which is always a good thing.

The patented IBC tote mixers that EvenMix offers can be found in various sizes and capacities, including 275-gallon models. This is enough capacity for most of the agriculture applications, but higher-powered and gear-driven IBC tote mixers are available for larger formulations with viscosities up to 3,000 cps.

IBC-style totes are a popular choice for chemical storage and shipping because of their high strength and durability. They are surrounded by a cage, making them more secure than other containers, and have a 6" screw top opening for accessing the liquid inside. These tote tanks are not ideal for immediate use because suspended solids may settle and emulsion components can stratify, degrading the originally homogenous product quality. To agitate IBC totes and restore their product quality, distributors and on-site contractors often use portable mixers.

Regardless of the size or type of IBC tote, an IBC tote mixer will agitate the liquid in a few short minutes. The mixer is lightweight, and the blending and agitating process happens with air and not mechanical movement. This makes it safer and more reliable than a traditional mixer, which can have moving parts that break down over time.

These tote mixers are simple to install and can be operated by one person. The mixer is attached to the IBC tote with a stainless steel bung clamp. It is then powered by compressed air from an industrial compressor, which is available separately from the IBC tote mixer. This is a much more effective and efficient mixing method than manually stirring the liquid with a hand pump.

The mixers are designed to work with Schutz-style totes, as well as other types of IBC tote tanks. They are compatible with a standard 6-inch opening and feature a collapsible mixing impeller that fits easily through the top screw cap opening. These IBC tote mixers are suitable for mixing asphalt cements, concrete admixtures, contractor grade paints, dyes for mulch and more. They are also effective in restoring the quality of agricultural chemicals that have been sitting for weeks or even months.



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