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How an Interior Designer Can Make a Significant Impact on Your Home Renovation

May 31

An interior designer can make a significant impact on your home renovation project. They help transform your space into a functional layout that suits your lifestyle and budget. They also offer home decor services, which include surface-level enhancements like paint colors and furniture.

Lolo Interiors uses raw materials and natural textures to achieve evocative, elevated wabi-sabi designs. The firm also produces a line of home goods and fashion to reflect its signature aesthetic.

YOLO Interiors

YOLO Interiors is a leading design firm dedicated to transforming spaces into personalized works of art. The company uses a variety of design techniques and materials to ensure that their clients’ vision is realised. Their designers are experts in space planning, furniture sourcing, and project management. They also work with renowned fabric and wallpaper companies, such as Schumacher.

Founded in 2003, YOLO Interiors is a full-service interior design firm that specialises in creating bespoke environments. Their experienced team of designers are committed to ensuring that every client’s vision is realised, regardless of budget or size. They are able to transform the most challenging spaces into luxurious, personalised living spaces. Their team is known for their dedication to the entire design process, from concept to installation.

Evonne is a dynamic professional who thrives on connection and authenticity. She believes that good design should be a catalyst for positive change, and is constantly seeking fresh ideas to bring into her designs. In her spare time, she enjoys volunteering at her local community centre and practicing her kickboxing skills.

Lolo Interiors

As a leading interior design firm, Lolo Interiors is dedicated to transforming spaces into personalized works of art. They believe in designing with an open mind and a willingness to take risks, as well as incorporating elements of surprise to create dynamic spaces that are timeless and fresh.

The team of designers at Living with Lolo use a mix of classic colors, organic textures and pops of fun to craft luxurious retreats that feel fresh and livable. One of their recent projects was the redesign of a retirement home in Paradise Valley, Arizona. The goal was to make the space feel inviting for friends and family, as well as easy to maintain with a focus on high-quality products. They chose Jaipur Living’s handmade Chaos Theory rug to anchor the space and up the comfort level.

Argentine-Japanese artistic duo Lolo & Sosaku redefine the art scene with their kinetic works that explore intricate relationships. By combining sculpture, installation, and kinetic art, their pieces examine connections between objects, their environments, and the observers. Their evocative and elevated wabi sabi style evokes emotion, inspires, and uplifts. They believe in using sustainable materials that promote wellness and have a deep respect for the planet. They create a sense of movement and harmony through a combination of organic materials, textures, and natural light.

Billy Cotton

Billy Cotton isn't your typical decorator. His spirited style veers from homespun (think cottagecore with a Ralph Lauren sheen) to coolly austere with strategic bursts of color. And he always responds to his clients' emotional motivations, as he describes in his first monograph, "Billy Cotton: Interior & Design Work," published this spring by Rizzoli.

After studying industrial design at Pratt, Cotton honed his craft working on decoration magazines and at the decorative arts studio John Derian. But he soon realized he wanted to design full-scale homes, and he launched his own firm in New York. "My whole approach is to suffuse spaces with their own particular personality," he says. "I can make something feel like an object from another place, or a piece of furniture look as though it has been in the house forever."

In one case, he designed an entire home for a client whose taste ran to the restrained grandeur of greats like David Easton and Albert Hadley, but with a distinctly American twist. In the dining room, a simple glass-topped table and floor-to-ceiling bookshelves offer an aura of calm. In the living room, an antique theater curtain adorned with motley patterned pillows serves as a backdrop for a lake-and-mountain painting.

Despite his ease with the art world (he's worked with collectors including Lisa Yuskavage and Matvay Levenstein) he chafes at the idea that he's an "art whisperer." Instead, he views his role as imbuing environments with their own distinctive personalities, as shown in this book of 15 projects.