Acquire as much as £ 250,000 in fairness on your start-up

The start-up series competition takes place from the 1st to the 14th of each month.

Worth Capital is looking for startups again with the return of the start-up series.

The contest continues our usual monthly cycle and is open to entries from the 1st to the 14th of each month as we seek out ambitious startups that have the potential to become popular brands. Regardless of the industry or whether you are a B2B or B2C company, we will consider your application as long as your start-up is eligible for advance insurance from SEIS or EIS HMRC.

Winners will receive up to £ 250,000 equity funding, at least two years of expert support from Worth Capital, and media coverage on and other channels to promote your business and track your journey.

Here’s how to enter. Please note that your start-up must be entitled to SEIS or EIS HMRC advance insurance.

Hayley Etherington, Worth Capital’s Business Operations Director, said: “The start-up series has already invested over £ 4.2m in some of the UK’s most promising startups. This makes us the largest seed finance competition in the UK.

“We hope and expect that the September series and beyond continue to attract the UK’s best entrepreneurial talent for our investors. I am at the edge of my seat with the other judges, waiting for the next applications. “

Past winners include entrepreneurs from all walks of life and from across the UK.

Jo & Nick James from Cheltenham, founders of Bedfolk, have seen exceptional growth in their homewares e-commerce brand since winning the Start-Up series and receiving their first investment in April 2019. Read more about their story here.

Andy Roberts of Wrexham has Weekly10, a software-as-a-subscription offering that helps companies track and improve employee mood and engagement. Having received multiple investments in 2019 and early 2020, the company was well positioned to capitalize on the increase in remote working over the past 6 months. Read more here.

Like the rest of our lives, the competition paused briefly during the summer so Worth Capital could focus its full attention on helping previous winners respond quickly, adjust their businesses and reposition them for the future.

Paul Soanes, Worth Capital’s financing partner, said: “We suspended the start-up streak for a few months as we had to focus on helping the companies we already have in our portfolio with the challenges they face faced. We’ve helped them look up to the horizon and see the long-term opportunities arising from unprecedented changes in consumer and business behavior. “

The start-up series has an impressive record of diverse funding. While only 9 percent of the early-stage financing usually goes to companies with a female founder, 40 percent of the funds in the start-up series were given to companies with a female founder.

The start-up series also takes geographic trends into account. In general, only 35 percent of seed capital flows into companies outside the London and southeastern “bubble”. For the start-up series, 60 percent of the funding is outside London. There are no published benchmarks of how much of the UK’s early-stage funding goes to companies with a BAME founder, but we suspect the start-up streak is really representative at 19 percent, larger than most (but still a long way off) be).

Ms. Etherington continued, “We are looking across the length and breadth of the country for ambitious startups with innovative offerings in high-growth markets and with intelligent and persistent teams that can grow a company quickly.”

Sound like you Enter today.

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The Start-Up Series competition is back – £ 250,000 equity up for grabs!

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