Scale back Stress as a Small Enterprise Proprietor by Combating Spirals of Thought – Infographic

Master these spirals of thought and reduce your general stress levels

Suffering from busyness and stress is something all small business owners are most likely to have experienced. With the Christmas season approaching and COVID-19 restrictions still in place, this time of year could be one of the most stressful for SMB owners.

Our research * found that 71 percent of small business owners had stress at work in the past 12 months. The factors that caused her stress ranged from juggling business and personal obligations (26 percent) to time pressure (24 percent) and staying in addition to business administration (21 percent).

At the UK Domain, as part of a range of helpful content for SMBs, we worked with professional performance trainer Phillippa Hurrell on a range of resources to help small business owners reduce stress, manage time and increase productivity.

Our newest feature focuses on how you as a small business owner can reduce stress. One of these approaches is understanding and dealing with spirals of thought and is at the center of our latest infographic, which you can see below. The infographic explores what spirals of thought are and shows four simple steps you can take to get out of one and stay focused.

In addition to thought spirals, in an article by Phillippa, we also introduced some other techniques that can help reduce stress. The article explores how you can combat feeling stressed by processing the world in more useful ways, from ignoring worrying thoughts that can “bother you” to quick tips on how to make your thoughts more good integrate into your work day and routine. You can read the full article here.

Spending some time thinking about how you are approaching your day, what thoughts you have, and what small changes you can make can improve your performance, focus, and most importantly, your wellbeing.

* 2019/2020 UK Domain Research. Percentages calculated from the total number of respondents for each individual question.

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Don't let the spirals of thought and stress get you down

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