Sources For Finding The Most Recent Car Insurance News

Wondering what’s going on in the Indian car insurance market? Concerned about the cost of your next premium? Worried about a possible scam situation? Luckily, visiting what’s happening in the Indian car insurance market has never been so easy, with voters, journalists, and a whole lot of other resources at your disposal. Here is a chronological sequence, you’ll discover breaking news on car insurance products, new regulation changes, and plenty more.

  1. In India, the government had set up several auto insurance associations, or Agia, for automobile dealers and insurer representatives. These associations were meant to pool resources, share information, and set up minimum standards. Nowadays, however, the Association of Indian Auto Insurance Agents is better known as the Association of Indian Auto Insurance Brokers. As of now, there are approximately 25 auto insurance brokerages in India. This number is gradually growing. As a result, many new insurance companies have ventured into the market, bringing more competition and lower prices for consumers.
  2. The Association of Indian Auto Insurance Agents has put out several websites, giving information on all facets of car insurance. For example, the organization maintains a website that offers an online calculator that lets you know what the cost of car insurance in your area would be. You can also go through news articles to find out about any new regulation concerning insurance. For instance, the association said that in mid-January, it will hike the mandatory vehicle coverage limit from $1 million to one million. Another significant regulation that was announced was the extension of the no-fault law, from five years to seven years, for accidents in which the driver of the other vehicle is found at fault.
  3. There’s more! The Car Insurance News portal has a blog where you can get regular updates on the happenings in the insurance sector. The blog posts include a lot of news from major insurance companies, including insurers AIG and GMAC. In addition, they also provide a link to a free car insurance quote site run by an insurance agent from Canada.
  4. The Car Insurance Newsletters is a newsletter sent out monthly to current car owners and car insurance professionals. Every issue carries important news stories, tips and articles, along with a free weekly checklist of recommended issues. You may register for the newsletters online, by emailing the news office or by visiting their website. Some of the issues that are covered include the ongoing lawsuit involving General Motors and Toyota, the opening of GMAC, the bankruptcy of insurer carriers Fidelity and AstraZeneca, and a new settlement involving Lamborghini. In the past, the company that publishes the newsletter, A.M. Best and Company, was named by Time Magazine as one of the most popular business magazines in the country.
  5. InsurAcar in South Africa is one of the most up-to-date car insurance news sites. You can find may news articles there.

All of the above news helps insurance customers. This is why many people turn to online mediums to get current information on various topics. Websites such as The Car Insurance News, Nisko, Edmunds, The Onion Green Blog, Jalopnik, and others are just some of the sources from which they can get important information. It is recommended that they check them out regularly since these websites update regularly. This will ensure that they know what is happening in their sector.

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